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Chris H

"Chase and Zack are the best in the area. They put me on a pending IGFA world record fish as well as other species in the monster size category.


Let's start from the beginning though.


My fiance and I had booked a charter about 4 months ago for our vacation here. Unfortunately they had to cancel on us (for reasons out of their control)...about 4 days before the trip. Fortunately, the charter community is pretty tight-knit here, and they recommended Chase as an alternative. We made a call and Chase arrainged his schedule to squeeze us in. 


I can say in all honesty that this was the best thing that could have ever happened. The universe speaks sometimes.


We met at the ramp and all of us immediately clicked with dumb jokes, general humor, and a collective feeling of "let's go get 'em!"


We fished the first spot we came to for about 6 hours because the fish just kept coming over the side. Not just any fish though. We caught a variety of species and they were all enormous...including a pending IGFA world record for length on an African Pompano that took every last ounce of energy I had to bring it to the boat.


I'm no stranger to the charter fishing world, and subsequently know that to fish one spot for that long catching monster after rare, a BIG deal, and a sign of a world-class captain who knows these waters and the seasonal migrations.


We are switching our loyalty to Chase and will fish his boat as long as he is in operation. 


Speaking of the boat...its beyond comfortable, fast, and just eats the swells for breakfast.


Chase and Zack are knowledgable, willing to answer questions (I'm a hardcore freshwater angler and a nerd always seeking new knowledge), and just downright fun. We tried some new methods of angling and he let us learn them on our own as we went...after concise instruction. My fiance was killing it vertical jigging after Chase got her small feat as she is a novice angler. The smile on her face was already enough to sell me for life.


Highly recommended charter, and I'm dead serious about that.


Pro tip: Book AT LEAST the 10 hour trip. A long trip like that gives them time to get the boat out where the monsters are."

D79D4D61-B9A7-43A9-B45D-C72B3E9D0F86 - Wesley Bell.jpeg

Wesley B
Deep Drop | Swordfish | Offshore

"Excellent! Wouldn’t change anything! Having been on several trips with Capt. Chase, I’ve seen and experienced things I never would have without him. Stepping onto his meticulously maintained vessel and being greeted by his always positive attitude always sets the stage for a great day on the water. His knowledge of fish and the ocean bring the depths to life! Whether you are a tourist looking for the trip of the year, or a lifelong local fisherman looking to bag a fish of a lifetime, Capt. Chase can literally do it all."

Caught: Swordfish, Mahi-Mahi, Blackfin Tuna, Wahoo, Snowy Grouper, Alfonsino, Barrel Fish, Blackbelly Rosefish, Yellowtail Snapper, Mangrove Snapper


Kendall T
Deep Drop | Swordfish 

"Chase is an amazing charter captain that I would book with for everything from a girls trip to the entire family. He ensures that the atmosphere is great and that all parties are happy and satisfied. Not to mention there’s always fish! I have never been on a trip with this captain where we haven’t caught exactly what we set out to do. I would highly recommend!"

Caught: Swordfish, Mahi-Mahi, Queen Snapper, Blueline Tilefish, Golden Tilefish, Blackbelly Rosefish, Yellowtail Snapper, Mangrove Snapper


Chuck H

"The best Captain ever! We caught a 465 pound swordfish."

IMG_2200 - Jason F.jpeg

Jason F
Deep Drop

"First Class Captain. My buddy Aaron Lewis from Staind and I had a great trip with Chase." 

Caught: Queen Snapper, Barrel Fish, Golden Tilefish, Sailfish

Have you gone Fish Chasing with Chase? 

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